A.M.S. Ltd. offers a wide variety of services



Whether new or existing; traditional or contemporary; internal or external; bespoke or standardised; everyday or unique; A.M.S. provides evaluation, cost appraisal, design, fabrication, installation, repair, restoration and conservation services, from aesthetical, technical, value-for-money and buildability perspectives, with each type of service able to be provided either individually or within a ‘turn-key' package that can include:

  • Inspection of architectural metalwork and conditions survey reporting

  • Formulation of architectural metalwork conservation and repair strategies

  • Execution of measured survey and record drawings of existing metalwork

  • Presentation of design, fabrication, installation, materials and finishes advice

  • Production of casting pattern-work and cast-metal componentry

  • Translation of client-generated design intent information into fully detailed proposals

  • Preparation of fully-dimensioned and co-ordinated drawings and specifications

  • Fabrication and installation of Building Regulations-compliant works

  • Provision of structural calculations and provings where required


Employing Cast Iron, Aluminium & Bronze along with Wrought Iron, Mild & Bright Steel, Aluminium, Bronze & Brass stock sections along with the full range of traditional and modern fabrication production technologies and processes including forging, casting, welding and machining, computer-aided-manufacture and plasma, laser & water jet cutting, A.M.S. helps you turn the key to your architectural metalwork project's success.