Straight & HELICAL Stairs:

We design, make and install all types of stairs, of any width and to practically any storey height, using a combination of cast iron [or cast aluminium for internal use if weight is a consideration] and steel, either from an existing range of casting patterns or from entirely new, bespoke casting patterns made especially to meet your individual aesthetic and technical design requirements.

Stairs can be produced in any architectural style, ranging from the simple, elegant designs favoured in the Late Georgian era, the richly ornate designs favoured in the High Victorian era, and the restrained contemporary designs of the C20th and C21st centuries.

Stairs can be supplied and fitted either primed for final decoration on site by others, or fully finished in a coating of your choice with our advice.

Straight Stairs:

Our standard Straight stair widths range between 600mm & 1200mm with a range of tread depths between a minimum of 220mm as permitted by the Building Regulations and a very comfortable 300mm.

Straight stair step Riser heights range from 150mm [any less is uncomfortable and impractical to use] to a maximum 220mm as permitted by the Building Regulations when the angle does not exceed 42 degrees. 

Spiral Stairs:

Our standard Spiral Stair diameters are 900mm, 1200mm, 1340mm, 1570mm, 1800mm & 2100mm diameters., with the riser dimension being set according to the particular installation circumstances.

On stairs of 900mm to 1800mm diameter with 15no. 24 degree treads;

  • a minimum rise 180mm

  • a maximum rise of 225mm.

On stairs of 1800mm to 2200mm diameter with 16no. 22.5 degree treads;

  • a minimum rise 175mm

  • a maximum rise of 225mm.

Spiral staircases are generally supplied with either -

  • a steel landing frame to allow the adjacent floor finish to carry through to the top of the stair.

  • A landing casting that fixes to the structural edge of the floor level served.